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Total Mental Optimization

Aptitude was designed to unleash your minds true potential. A combination of 9 nootropic ingredients that will drastically improve your cognition. Improve your focus, memory & mental clarity with Aptitude.

Price: $30 for a 30 day supply

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4 reviews for Aptitude

  1. 5 out of 5

    Aptitude is absolutely incredible. I have been taking it every day for over a month and have noticed a huge difference in my focus. I am someone who owns multiple businesses and needs to stay focused and on top of all of my projects every day. Aptitude helps me stay focused without any of the gross feelings that prescription drugs provide. I will forever take aptitude and cannot wait for what else EO Stax has in store for the future!

  2. 5 out of 5

    What does your life look like when you unlock creativity? And then added a little energy paired with a twist of heightened focus? Most people resort to a couple cups of coffee. After hammering this routine morning after morning, the effects of the brown elixir begin to subtle out and fade away. I ordered aptitude the day before it was launched, and have kept a bottle within my reach ever since.

    Shooting “The Rising Entrepreneur” podcast, I knew I had to be sharp and on top of my game…because my guests were. The day I got this little white bottle, I popped two capsules…and without water because I was so pumped to try it out. (No water near me at the time because I live in a desert).

    Having a podcast in less than an hour, within 20 minutes I felt like I could conquer this episode.

    During the episode? I was on fire.

    In fact, my guest in the middle of the episode said “wow, I’ve been interviewed over 100 times and have never gotten questions like this. THEY’RE GOOD!”

    I was able to unlock my next level of creativity with this supplement and continue to surprise myself daily.

    Great product EO Stax team. You guys are on top of it and I cannot wait to see what you reveal in the future.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Aptitude is the perfect “happy-medium” for energy and focus. If you’re looking to be wired out of your mind for a couple hours, there’s energy drinks for that, but there really isn’t an effective product in the marketplace for sustained, controlled, yet noticeable energy… Until now.

    I tried Aptitude for 5 days straight so I could accurately track it’s effects, and eliminate any coincidence, and here’s what I noticed:

    Normally, I get distracted easily, and frequently – I can only focus on one project for roughly 30 minutes at once before I’ve drifted to something else. With Aptitude, I could buckle down and work on one thing, and before I knew it, 2 hours had flown by, and I’d stayed focused and productive the entire time.

    I’m typically a very good writer, but only because I try really hard to be. Sometimes I’ll sit and ponder on a phrase or sentence, or even one word, for 10-20 minutes trying to perfect it. With Aptitude, I noticed less writer’s block. I could flow smoothly from word to word, with very few “stop to think” moments.

    Lastly, I’m usually pretty mentally and physically fatigued by around 6PM (when I hit the gym for a lift and basketball game). While on Aptitude, I skipped my caffeinated pre-workout to see if I’d need it, and I felt a noticeable difference. I had the stamina to power through my entire workout, performing at the same level I do after pre-workout, but without the annoying jitters. Basketball is better with a sharper mind too!

    Overall, I highly recommend Aptitude to anyone. Great product, great results.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Everyone is looking for ways to optimize their performance; and there is no single pill that will fix all of your problems. That being said; in addition to a good diet, exercise, and adequate rest, there are safe, and beneficial ways to get an edge. Tinkering with your neurology can be risky; but thanks to Aptitude, I have a low-risk, and effective way to stay sharp. — I have experimented with a wide range of nootropics, pharmaceutical drugs, and lifestyles in the past; and have now been consistently using Aptitude now for about 8 months. — Aptitude gives me a sustained, and stimulant-free focus for the majority of the work-day, and has proven to be a dependable, cost-friendly, and effective productivity booster. — If only there was a subscription available!

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